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talent-scouting tool

Find & follow promising rising talents who got listeners validation.

Browse the latest tracks that stood out by genre, country, fanbase, etc.

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feature scouting

Get critical insights on the song’s potential and the artist’s current stage of development.

Audience insights : Stickiness, Core audience, Spotify followers, Facebook fans.

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Follow artists to keep them in your radar, be the first to know about their next releases.

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Looking to contact artists, get custom statistics or any other specific need?
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Where do artists come from?

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Artists showing up in ClapCharts Scouting come from our service. ClapCharts is a music promotion service for artists based on a discovery app. We use ratings and engagement data from thousands of listeners to detect new songs & artists with remarkable potential.

200+ artists upload their latest releases on ClapCharts every week.

Most of our audience is from France, the UK and the US.

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